Since 1850 yarn is our vocation. We have always stated, as a priority, the commitment and responsibility towards the Planet and the people throughout the production process.
The Italianity that identifies us is most evident and a striking demonstration of this engagement. This is underlined by the rejection of any form of delocalization in production, during the years.

Sustainability for us means growth since 1850, always along with the strong integrity and ethics of the company, of the work and of the workers themselves.

We have always been sustainable and we want to share it with you, with our certified Sustainability Report, introduced by the "Letter to Stakeholders" signed by our President Alfredo Botto Poala.

Download the sustainability report 2017


Born in the Italian territory, let's grow here the product we have created.
Our work is precise, inclined to detail, a skilful artisan art. The entire cycle is produced within the three Italian plants, from which every year more than 3 million kilos of yarn signed by the three brands are born to bring with them one great value: the most authentic Made in Italy.


A community of people sharing the same spirit of dedication has grown in our factory, where respect leads the production process.
We recognize the main role of human resources in the belief that the main factor of success of every company arises from the professional contribution of the people who work there. In 2017 over 99% of the resources hired have a permanent contract. All the 784 people in the workforce work in our Italian factories, where the commitment to respect fundamental human rights is essential.


Passion as a guide, quality as a unique constant.
We commit every day to the implementation of management and controls on chemical substances and production processes, monitoring the presence of hazardous substances in incoming raw materials, in particular with regards to alkylphenols and alkylphenol-ethoxylates. We will continue to guarantee the excellence of the knitwear tradition in the world without ever feeling we reached the final goal.


Sustainable global growth is our motto.
We use highly sophisticated tools and machinery that optimize energy and water consumption. Starting from 2017, the shift towards 100% use of green energy is being carried out alongside a constant technological modernization of lighting in the production departments.
We promote a circular economy model trying to reuse as much as possible the resources and by-products of the raw materials in the processes of producing our yarns. In 2017, about 28% of waste material was allocated for re-use within the company or used by other producers.

Download the sustainability report 2017

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