A texture of traditions and trends

An identity that defines the wool industry: from its origins to the future.

Our story links the authentic essence of wool with the intuition of the most daring trends. Our leitmotif is to mix productive ability and predictive attitude.

The core of textiles

At the heart of textile industry.

A continuous exercise of transformation that starts from wool, and ends with the most refined yarn, passing through research, color and technology.

Mélange of values

Mixing ancient stories and distant horizons.

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia combines manufacturing tradition with technological innovation, ethic and the value of Italianness with international perspectives.

A color story

Red has a new name: Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

The construction of a strong identity starts from its origins. The raw material in the neutral tones of wool is refined thanks to tecnology’s chromatic variety.

Perfection in a thread

A top quality yarn, 100% made in Italy, customizable down to the smallest detail.

Our yarn is the result of our research roadmap and our meticulous attention to detail, a mix of technology and human touch: a balanced combination of experience and vision.

Success factors

Economic, social, environmental responsibility.

Sustainability plays a leading role in our development model: production transparency, respect for people and fot the Planet are our fundamental pillars.

Fil rouge

New colors, new yarns

Color represents us in form and substance: every year we create yarns in over 30.000 authentic and vibrant colors that become the perfect creative tool for stylists and designers.

What’s next?

Trend: between production and prediction.

The future is our natural environment. Every day we cultivate our ability in listening to new trends: a rich and diverse future scenario, that we build from the very first day.

From yarn to future

Foreseeing the future is not enough, we must get ahead of it.

There are inventions that have revolutionized the world of yarns throughout our history. Pioneering and creative at the same time, we continue to cultivate the research and development of innovative and timeless products.

Focus on tomorrow

Searching for excellence in an ever-changing world.

Every day we prepare a new chapter for our future in a world where change is the new normal. We are aware that the quality of our products and service, together with our values of respect for the territory and for people are the best lens to focus on future.

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