Our four green milestones

We have always shown a strong commitment and a detailed Roadmap in building a sustainable business model.
Sustainable development is the only possible way to create long-lasting and inclusive added value, based on respect. Care for people, care for the territory, care for the environment, care for the future.

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Quality & Innovation

Improving environmental impact of our business, through dedicated investments in product innovation, such as OEKO-TEX® compliant colours, ecologic, metal-free, respectful of skin and environment.
  • 95% production certified OEKO-TEX® class II, Annex IV
  • Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification to guarantee animal welfare and traceability
  • Responsible use of chemical products: Ecolours (metal free and OEKO-TEX® / ZDHC compliant)
  • Chem 4 sustainibility commitee set up in 2019 with experts in all areas of intervention
  • Innovation & eco design: digital collections, with chlorine free, metal free yearns and made with recycled raw material”

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report

Sustainable supply

A long dated commitment, rewarded by advanced degree in 4Sustainability Chem certification, and moving forward towards the implementation of a complete supply chain traceability process.
  • Production rooted in local territory (provinces of Biella and Vercelli)
  • Supply chain focused on local community (88% Italian suppliers)
  • Apeo free compliance commitment on all semi-finished raw material and wool
  • Suppliers’ code of conduct and trace procedure implemented

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report

Operations protecting the environment

A clear Roadmap accelerating in the reduction of waste and emissions, with a strong bet towards renewable energy.
  • Usage of 100% renewable energy
  • Strict control of Co2 emissions with efficient upgrades in manufacturing and storage
  • Implementation of Mrsl Zdhc: prevention of the use of pollutants in water
  • Waste reduction, focused on reuse and recovery

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report

People in Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia

Care as a key value to maintain and improve the quality of working life of our people, with a constant support of our teams during pandemic and effective solutions to guarantee healthy workplaces in our factories.
  • 54% of workforce are female personnel
  • 100% locally hired management
  • Italian best practice in ergonomic solutions for industrial maintenance teams: European project “Lighten the load”
  • Effective measures and procedures to protect people during pandemic

Download the 2021 Sustainability Report


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