Story of a thread

CASHWOOL® is the only extra-fine merino yarn made entirely in Italy. It embodies all the values of the best industrial knitwear tradition.
It tells the stories of women and men who have believed in an idea and who have worked to make it a reality, to bring it recognition around the world. The unique nature of this yarn has its origins in the marriage between artisan skill and technical innovation. An original formula that is the brainchild of Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

Excellence in a one of a kind yarn

How is a unique yarn made? An incredibly soft, absolutely white, light yarn that gives luminosity and fastness to every colour nuance.
The secret of CASHWOOL® 1978 starts with the raw material: wool, selected with the utmost care, choosing only parts with a superb level of fineness and pureness. The production is 100% made in Italy, in our plants, it follows a distinct process that has been designed and fine-tuned by our technicians to respect a level of global quality that embraces the product, the individual and the environment.

The future in yarns, more than 40 years ago

It takes experience and technology to create pure wool yarn with the characteristics of CASHWOOL® 1978. But machines alone are not enough: you must also be able to foresee what the future will bring and to translate it into practice.
The people who invented CASHWOOL® 1978 knew how to anticipate change, imagining a soft, light yarn that was warm and dynamic, imagining lifestyles that would only become reality many years later. A challenge to the future, which has revolutionised the way we produce yarn of pure combed wool.

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