A shared passion: merino wool

The Woolmark Company is the international authority for the protection and promotion of merino wool in the textile and fashion industry.
Many of our pure merino products and blended products are certified accordingly to Woolmark quality standards. Merino wool has been the basis of most of our product creations since our origins. That’s why we have been chosen by Woolmark as the ideal partner to develop initiatives and projects to promote this unique fiber in the world.

La lana d'estate

One fiber, all seasons.
In 2019 we launched a campaign to promote the use of merino wool in all seasons, even in summer. For the launch of our Spring Summer 2022 collection, we presented the project “La lana d’estate” – a worldwide exclusive.

Merino Wool –
Made by Nature

A partnership with The Woolmark Company to promote sustainable wool.
Breathability, softness, elasticity, technical performance are only one side of quality. To achieve excellence, a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber is also required. That’s the basis of the new campaign “Merino Wool – Made by Nature”, born from the collaboration with The Woolmark Company.