R & D

Excellence in processes and raw materials. A prerogative translated into a constant commitment to invest in the innovation of the technologies used and in the search for innovative raw materials of the highest quality.
High standards and solid skills are the basis of our formula to meet customer expectations. Our Company’s verticalized business structure guarantees a wide control over its supply chain, increasing its transparency and fostering its ability to ensure a continuous supervision of the quality of the finished product. The implementation of these principles guides us towards innovation and continuous improvement.

CASHWOOL® 1978 - The original

As shiny as silk, as soft as cashmere
CASHWOOL® is a classic example of an authentic Italian luxury product, a blend of culture, nature and industrial technology. The result of an intuition, as simple as it is original, created by selecting special Australian wools, over the years it has become a benchmark in the world of high class knitwear. But its essence remains inimitable. CASHWOOL® 1978 is only Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

H2DRY - Naturally elastic yarn

The innate elasticity of the fibers is enhanced by the special H2Dry finish, which makes yarns even more versatile and lighter.
Whether the patterns are classic or more elaborate, knitwear delivers outstanding comfort and wearability superior to that of ordinary wool garments. Breathable, elastic, uncrushable: properties perfect for more dynamic and active situations but also for day-to-day occasions.

AIR SPUN - Weightless yarn

Air Spun is a technology studied and designed by us to add extreme lightness and softness to the yarn.
Yarns with Air Spun technology are weightless: roughly half of any other carded or worsted yarn of the same count. This gives knitted garments extraordinarly comfortable qualities. The result is a smooth, yet structured yarn which is wonderfully comfortable and with a very distinctive look.

ECOLOURS - Respect for your skin

In 2021, the Company signed a worldwide exclusive contract with Vebachem s.r.l. for the use of their patent ECOLOURS: a method of dyeing using natural and purified synthetic colors, therefore non-toxic and ecosustainable.
Products dyed with ECOLOURS do not contain heavy metals, halogens, allergens and aromatic amines derived from azo dyes. The dyes, which are GOTS-certified, comply with the parameters of the OEKO-TEX® 100 standards and the articles made with them can, depending on their composition, fall under the more stringent OEKO-TEX® classification (class I Annex VI). The water treatment process which uses this range of dyes complies with MRSL ZDHC. A new step based on a respectful approach of human-ecological aspects in the contact with the skin.