Baruffa has always been the most representative brand of yarns for knitwear. Among the classic, fancy and high performance yarns, the most known and appreciated is CASHWOOL®.

The classic worsted yarns are produced entirely in Italy in the historic plant of Borgosesia, where all the stages of the production process are made according to the principle of a full vertical integration. The Quality Control lab -Interwoollabs credited- monitors all the raw materials and verifies the compliance with all the required parameters of fineness, length, fiber and cleaning. The production cycle begins with the fibers treatment, due to which we can achieve the best results of softness and pilling resistance in addition to no-shrinking and washability in the washing machine.

The entire spinning cycle is made in house with the most advanced technological supports.

The dyeing houses, on tops and yarn, provide the capacity needed to handle seasonal peaks in production and, in the same way, offer the possibility to dye lots of any size, from one kilogram to over one ton. The Borgosesia plant, employs to date a workforce of over 500 units. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are the focus, as shown by the substantial investments made to maximize the purification of water, and for the re-use the heat generated by the dyeing in the heating of the production space.


The Chiavazza line sums up the historical heritage of “Filatura di Chiavazza”, after the merging with Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia in 2009. Under this brand, we find woollen yarns of the highest quality, exclusively produced in the Vigliano Biellese plant, made with the finest wool and cashmere.

All the production cycle is made entirely in house, starting from the fiber dyeing, initial step to obtain a bulky, soft and light product. Great attention is paid to the blending of the fibers, whitch is essential to keep constant the characteristics of the yarn. In the next step, on the carding machines, the fibers are opened through a path between cylinders of different size, to obtain a thin fleece that becomes the base of the spinning.

In line with the principle of quality without compromise, we still use traditional spinning called “self-acting” or mule spinning, sacrificing the operating speed for a best result in terms of regularity.

Botto Poala

The Botto Poala collection expresses the most advanced concept of Research and Innovation of our Group. This line is characterized by an extensive range of exclusive fine gauge yarns, made with the finest cashmere, the top quality silk and the finest micron wool.

The industrial structure of Botto Poala, entirely concentrated in the Lessona plant, is characterized by the highest technical standards in all the manufacturing steps to be consistent with the high level of the products offered.
In the same plant we recently centralized the research and product development, with a renewed knitting lab for a better identification of the customer needs.

Great attention is paid to production flexibility, a prerequisite to manage with the necessary speed, the increasingly tight deadlines of the fashion system. In this “smaller” size, customers find a perfect blend between state of the art technology and industrial handicraft. The traditional Botto Poala experience in yarns for weaving is a specific range, made with the same high quality fibers with different counts and twists.

The entire spinning cycle is made internally and with the most advanced technological supports. The dry cleaners, on tops and on wire, are able to handle the seasonal peaks of production and offer the possibility to work matches of any size, from a single kilogram up to a ton. The Borgosesia production plant employs a workforce of over 500 units. Environmental sustainability and energy savings are at the center of attention, as shown by the investments made to maximize water purification and to reuse the heat generated by dry cleaners to heat the production spaces.

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