H2DRY: the treatment that brings out the best qualities of Merino wool

PERFORMING WOOL AT ITS BEST, a campaign in partnership with The Woolmark Company

Breathability and comfort meet wellbeing and practicality: yarns treated with H2DRY technology, patented by Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, are used in the creation of garments with high technical performance, low pilling and easy care. Above all, their improved breathability favours a lower perception of heat, while the marked versatility of the garments opens the doors to numerous occasions of use, making H2DRY yarns perfect for making athleisure garments.

As proof of the meticulous research carried out by ZBLB and the very high quality of the yarns, the innovative H2DRY treatment has received the support of The Woolmark Company. A mutual esteem, the one between the two realities, concretised once again by a partnership that testifies to the care that Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia reserves for Merino wool and the exaltation of its natural characteristics.

In vivo tests have shown that wearing a garment made with H2DRY yarn benefits from 7% more breathability (compared to a reference wool yarn). In addition, residual perspiration on the garment will be -10%, and the skin, in contact with the fabric, will feel up to 1.5° C less. High performance qualities that meet the needs of multiple market segments, including Gen-Z who are showing a growing awareness of sustainability – a sensibility shared by ZBLB in its approach to reducing waste and mitigating the impact of climate change.

H2DRY. PERFORMING WOOL AT ITS BEST: H2DRY yarns are designed to live every moment of your active time, wearing garments that lend themselves to every lifestyle.

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