Spinning design, psychology and technology in a sensory journey to reflect on changes in the interpersonal relationship.

We sponsored an artistic and innovative project: during Milan Design Week 2022, Froy and the KnitDesign Research Group of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano present an innovation and inclusion project aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues.

Psycoknit is an individual and choral experience at the same time that leads to reflect on post-Covid-19 interpersonal relationships.

Starting from the theories of Knit Therapy and through innovative technologies related to the world of knitwear, Froy and the KnitDesign Research Group create a project aimed at the future. The visitor is involved in an emotional and sensorial journey through knitwear.

The experience aims at enhancing technology and innovation linked to the textile world at the same time.

The path is divided into seven rooms, each with the aim of making people reflect on a particular sensation. The first is the room of Unawareness represented by Cap_able technology: a license for a jacquard knit fabric capable of confusing facial recognition systems, thus protecting the biometric data of people, often unaware of being filmed. The installation then continues, room after room, leading visitors into different emotional states, sometimes alone, sometimes in company, through Anxiety, Insecurity, Joy, up to Wonder: the room in which to interact with other visitors between walls and environments made by knitting.

Speaking of knitwear we mean the product of a thread that, by twisting on itself, gives life to an object, without ever interrupting or breaking.

Similarly, the Psycoknit project wants to connect people to each other and make them re-connect to their emotions.

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