School and industry intertwine: ZBLB supports the new Textile High School.

The goal of this study program is to educate the next generation of weavers and designers, a synergistic project between education and production.

Next September, a new program will be inaugurated at “Liceo del Cossatese e Valle Strona”: the Textile High School – a branch of scientific lyceum with a focus on the industry that has shaped the history and prosperity of an entire region.

The idea to bridge the gap between the wealth and potential of the textile industry and the prospects of students originates directly from the territory. It’s a dialogue that Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia has always encouraged, through partnerships with local educational institutions. The Biellese region is home to top industries, a heritage of know-how, history, and culture. In this setting, the contribution of the new generations can truly make a difference and provide renewed boost toward the future of the industry.

The Textile High School will complement scientific subjects with educational opportunities focused on the textile theme, in particular: sustainability, innovation, research, and digital developments. All of this will be done in close collaboration with local entities: alongside ZBLB, many other prominent player and institutions such as ITS TAM, several universities, Confindustria Moda, Unione Industriale Biellese, and with the crucial support of Municipal Administration.

Among the highlights of the new educational offering: the Learning Weeks, in-depth activities organized in collaboration with ITS TAM, in which students will have the opportunity to learn directly from the source at museums, companies, and Città Studi. With the Project Works, students will also have the chance to put their ability and creativity into practice by working on projects presented both at school and in various corporate locations, in collaboration with industry experts, and they will have the opportunity to continue their path with an internship. Specific educational visits, participation in conferences and industry events, and the opportunity to build a portfolio right from high school complete an innovative and tailor-made educational path.

At the inauguration of the new Textile High School, Zegna Baruffa Lana Borgosesia will not only be in the front row but also an active part of the change. That’s a great opportunity for the territory; a new, precious interweaving between the centuries-old wool culture and the value and imaginative drive of the new generations.

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