SS 25 – A journey in colors through the new collection

Imagine a territory to be explored. Here is the story of a walk in The Wonder Garden.

Wake up early.

Destination: Milano Centrale/Firenze Santa Maria Novella.
And here I am, entering Pitti Filati: the desire to live the moment and savour its nuances, not just its colours, is ignited. I am at the Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia stand.

In this space, balance plays a fundamental role: it goes without saying how intangible the separation between the functional and decorative space is, the boundary is cancelled, and you go on holiday with your mind.


You can travel while looking at the collection; they propose a thread for every occasion and I realise that the projection of a thread is not just the making of a garment but becomes a philosophy of life, whose boundaries between inside and outside are cancelled: whether you are in the park of your city, on the terrace of your house or on the seashore, the important thing is that you are in mental rest mode.
I am attracted, as always, by color. which helps my imagination to imagine different places and contexts, all relaxing.

My journey in this dreamlike world begins. I’m surrounded by proposals that give a typically Italian elegance: these nuances have been interpreted by merino wool, the absolute protagonist, alongside vegetable fibers, either in blends or in purity with twists that give a fresh hand.
It is the triumph of summer yarns, in ZBLB logic.

Certainly, summer for all of us evokes dynamism, movement: versatility is certainly the basis of the second group of yarns, which, thanks to the H2DRY treatment, makes them perform well for outdoor living.
It is interesting to imagine a real-life scene, in which a colleague of mine arrives at work by bicycle, carrying in his rucksack a jersey and Bermuda shorts made from H2DRY-processed yarns, ready to be re-worn for his return. I find summer in this optimistic palette.

The group dedicated to luxury could not be missing: true precious gems. They are presented in deep nuances enriched by the light of silk or the unmistakable feel of cashmere. A new entry is presented: CASQUETTE. An evolution of an ultra-fine 100% merino carded yarn, with a very soft hand, ideal for making accessories. CASQUETTE stands out for its distinctive hand and appearance within the group of ultra-fine wools, all presented in pastel nuances: a delicate and reassuring world in which to land on our wonderful journey. The collection closes with the group that knows no passage of time: yarns presented in a wide range of colors. A world in which ZBLB’s expertise, consisting of culture and service, reigns. The proposed palette is captivating and full of muted tones alongside saturated ones. There is a dialogue between them and like interesting conversations, it contemplates an off-plan, an unexpected touch There is a dialogue between them and like interesting conversations, it contemplates an unscheduled, unexpected twist… which you will discover.

This collection has also made me discover that curiosity combined with culture always takes you far away, in an endless summer. Excuse me, as always, I have not introduced myself: I am Chiara, pleased to have shared with you this walk in “The wonder garden”, created for you by ZBLB.

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