The protagonists of ZBLB: in a day, a commitment that has been renewing for 170 years

A company event with sharing and participation. That’s the atmosphere in the premises of Cittadellarte on July 22nd.

It’s a season full of news: new collection, new website, new brand positioning. There is one thing that has never changed in the story of Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia: the centrality of people.

On July 22nd, Pistoletto Foundation opened its doors to host an event entirely dedicated to sharing. People have always been the most important resource in the company vision promoted by ZBLB, a well-rounded attention: quality of life and safety, inclusiveness and welfare measures. People are not just a strategic asset but the protagonists and guardians of a story that deserves to be told, through gestures and generations, stories and precious experiences. After two complex years in terms of changes and new challenges – both internal and external – the company celebrates everyone’s contribution and reconfirms its closeness and care for human resources.

The event was inaugurated by the CEO Lorenzo Piacentini, who presented the results and objectives for the near future to all employees, as well as the new brand positioning. It’s a four-handed rewriting with those who experience the company every day, a path that led to the definition of our identity, our logo and our brand-new payoff: SPINNING TRENDS – SINCE 1850. The event was also a big opportunity to present the new FW 23-24 collection- IDENTITY: an exploration of what makes us truly unique, right from the deepest roots.

This day has spun a red thread that passes from hand to hand – as only Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia knows how to do –, which unites past and future, goals and new challenges, stories and people. A strong and ever-evolving company, in which to recognize a collective identity, to be proud of.

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